707.746.7565 - Benicia, CA
925.443.1244 - Livermore, CA
Owner Stan Houston removes old ABC Store 
lettering to make way for....?
Benicia, CA
739 First Street

P:  707.746.7565
F:  707.746.8781

Mon - Fri:  12noon - 6pm
Sat:  12noon - 5pm
Sun:  Closed

Parking: on street
Livermore, CA
2156 First Street

P:  925.443.1244
F:  925.443.4216

Mon - Fri:  11am - 7pm
Sat:  11am - 4pm
Sun:  12noon - 4pm

Parking: off street

ABC Music expands its products for right-hand-side brain development for all ages.

Puzzles, toys, electronic kits, and gifts based on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, MC Escher, and Vincent Van Gogh. You won't find another store with this incredible selection.